How to Survive Your First Night in Your New House When You’re Moving Home

The first night in a new home is often difficult. You are exhausted and not everything is unpacked. How do you survive that first night?

First Things First

If you have a spirit house put it in place. Let this be your first action if it is appropriate for you. The placing of the spirit house helps create a sense of home and serenity. You have possibly decided the place for the spirit house and everyone can join in.

Unpack the Essentials Box

It is recommended that before moving you pack an essentials box, and this should include things that are essential to you. This includes medication that anyone needs but also things such as pajamas and snacks. It should also include chargers, so phones do not run out of power.

When you prepare the essentials box you need to pack the necessary things for every member of your house. A doll for your daughter and a rubber bone for your dog are as important as anything else and to them are more important than the cell phone charger.

The name says it all. This is the box of all things essential to making that first night a smooth transition.

The Evening Meal

The other important thing is supper. When planning the move arranging the first meals in your new house beforehand is one way to make the first night much easier. You might have planned for friends to bring in food or you may have cooked and frozen it yourself. 

Make sure it is a meal you enjoy. If friends brought the food over, invite them to stay and share it with you. The simplest way to survive your first night in your new house when you’re moving home is to enjoy it and make it a celebration.

The other alternative of course is to take everyone out for a meal. It gets you out of the mess and can be very relaxing.


The last thing you may feel like doing is more work, but there is little worse sleeping in a mess. Take some bags from the essentials box and clean up any mess you can. Clean up the tape from the boxes, little bits of cardboard, and cotton.

This sets your mind at ease and removes a major irritant. It allows you to sleep more easily as you can settle down in a clean environment.

No Cable?

It is quite likely that you don’t have cable on your first night or that the tv is not plugged in. This is a good thing but be ready with an alternative form of entertainment such as a game that involves everyone. This can be a card game, a board game, or a word game.

A great way to survive the first night in a new house is together and games help this.


With a little forethought and planning, the first night in your new house can be far more than just surviving. It can be a great experience.