How to Pack Home Goods

There are many types of items to pack when moving home and they need to be packed in different ways. This ensures the safety of the possessions and the people moving.

Starting With the Obvious

Every box should be marked with at least the name of the room it contains items for. You may want to add another word that gives more information such as “Kitchen Pots” or “Lounge Cushions”. Also, if the box contains fragile items write that on the box as well. That will prevent people from stacking other boxes on top of them. Either write on the top of the box, or if you are writing on the side write so the words are the right way to show which way is up.

 The second obvious thing is to pack an essentials box that contains things such as scissors, energy bars, a first aid kit, and pyjamas. This box will make a huge difference to your move.

Thirdly, as far as possible ensure the boxes can be easily carried. If necessary, do not fill the boxes completely. It is tempting to use as few boxes as possible, but health and safety should come first.

Finally, wipe each item before packing it. This ensures that the new place stays clean when you move in.

Packing Fragile Items

Packing breakables correctly is the most important single item in packing. All items should be individually wrapped. Glasses should be placed upright rather than on the side. Positioned this way they are less likely to break.

For any box that contains fragile items, it is a good idea to lay some folded material such as a couch or blanket at the bottom of the box to absorb impact.

Do not interlock the tops and bottoms of boxes containing fragile items as they may separate, and the breakables fall out. Rather close the flaps of the boxes without weaving them and use wide masking tape to seal the box.

Beware of What Items You Mix

There are some products which should not be in the same boxes.  For example, do not pack liquids in the same box as appliances, and do not put your kitchen knives in with paperware and linen.

As far as possible, keep similar items together and if you put different items together make sure that no problems can occur. Imagine the lid coming off a bottle of bleach jammed between your clothes and the damage that would cause.

When packing it is good to be logical and cautious.

Dealing with Laundry

Do not do laundry for at least a couple of days before moving. It is not pleasant to pack and unpack wet clothes. Put all dirty laundry either in a laundry basket or a garbage bag.

Pack laundry that still needs to be ironed in a separate box and note on the box that ironing is needed.


This covered some of the important elements of packing home goods. It is not complete, but the essentials are here. The most important advice is simply this: when packing it is good to be logical and cautious.